That Dreadful Day No One Wants to Talk About                     

A noted TV evangelist stunned our country in 2007 with a prophetic warning. He said God revealed to him that a sudden terrorist attack is coming soon to the United States, and that multitudes will be killed. A similar prophecy was given nationwide by another respected TV evangelist. 


In recent weeks I have received prophecies from unknown but godly ministers who are crying out this same kind of message. These shepherds are warning, “A great disaster is coming upon us soon and suddenly. It will be so devastating, the world is going to shudder. Things will never be the same.”

News commentators have now joined this chorus

I repeatedly hear news broadcast­ers predicting the same thing: a terri­ble world crisis is about to happen. I believe these premonitions by the sec­ular world are the Spirit of God’s way of warning nonbelievers. Now even the wickedest people on earth feel in their souls an inner nagging that an awful, fearful day is inevitable and fast approaching.

Right now, the world is in fright­ening disorder. I think of the horrible atrocity taking place in Darfur in Sudan. Over 300,000 people have died there, and 2 million others have become refugees. As the world looks on in horror, unable to stop the slaughter, a corrupt United Nations sits paralyzed. Much of the food aid goes to support insurgent military forces.

Terrorism is escalating, and world powers are confused. The U.N. is being called “Mission Impossible,” with its Security Council hopelessly divided. Meanwhile, Iran and North Korea are racing to build nuclear arse­nals, with Iran threatening to wipe Israel off the map. To these renegade nations, any threat of U.N. sanctions is a joke. They openly scoff at that body’s solemn resolutions.

Most will not likely even hear the warnings, like the stiff-necked kings in the Bible who tore up the prophets’ warnings.

All this time, China is fast rising in global power, determined to replace America as the world’s sole superpower. The Chinese government is pouring billions of dollars into Africa, South America, the Far East and Latin America, buying the influ­ence of nations. Now it seems that everything is being made in or by China.  

Who is listening to all of these prophetic warnings and heeding them?

The nations of the world and their leaders aren’t listening to all the alarms that are sounding. Most will not likely even hear the warnings. Like the stiff-necked kings in the Bible who tore up the prophets’ warn­ings, they scoffed at what was being prophesied to them.

Indeed, all haters of Christ are scoffing. The secular world mocks the preachers who speak these dire warnings, calling them doomsayers, saying they’re out of their minds. Just as Scripture predicts, these present-day mockers claim, “All things con­tinue as they have from the beginning of time. Nothing is going to stop the world’s prosperity from continuing. All is well.”

The fact is, those who love the things of this world are going to shrug off every such warning and prophecy. This is true also of numbers of Christians. If a believer is given to the pursuit of wealth and success — if he wants an easy religion, one of cheap grace — he’ll turn his ear from a hard-sounding message.

Personally, I am shocked by the many ministers of God who openly despise those who warn of perilous times ahead. I don’t understand how they can dismiss every prophetic mes­sage being sounded. Think of it:

Right now, national security leaders are sending out alerts in the U.S. – yellow, orange and red alerts including aviation warnings.

Top security people are warning of a possible dirty bomb to be set off by terrorists, with multitudes at risk.

In New York City, every security agency has been running drills for when an attack occurs. News reports continually state that this attack is not a matter of “if but “when.” Its occurrence is but a matter of time.

Health experts are warning of worldwide pandemics, predicting that millions upon millions will die. HIV/AIDS is already ravaging the world, engulfing most of Africa.

How is the body of Christ responding to these warnings? In many churches, there is no mention of atrocities, of terrorism, of tragic pandemics. Instead, the messages being brought forth from those pulpits are comprised of motivational pep talks, jokes, entertainment. It’s all spiritual baby food, with no word spoken about coming judgments.

Yet the handwriting is on the wall, declared by Scripture and echoed by the world: a dreadful day is ahead.

What, exactly, are religious people being told during this crucial time of warning?

More and more preachers are urging their people, “God wants you to get rich. He wants you to go first class. So, get in on it now.” They are falling into the same money-focused gospel that Jesus drove from the tem­ple in his day.

I believe God loves to bless his people, and there are promises of increase to those who give to the needs of the poor, widows and father­less. It is not a sin to be prosperous. Many financially blessed believers support missions and charitable works around the world.

Still, the Holy Spirit is right now pleading with the world, through many prophetic voices, as well as through the world’s own voices. A dreadful day of reckoning is at the door, yet most people — including multitudes of Christians — don’t want to talk or even think about it.

If so few are listening, then who are these prophecies meant for? Why would the Lord deliver them, if so few will give heed? Who in the world is going to hear*these warnings?

I think of Jeremiah, Ezekiel and other Old Testament prophets who warned about the fall of Babylon, the world power at the time. Prophets also spoke of coming destruction upon the Chaldeans, the Medes, the Persians, Tyre. Yet these prophecies never reached those heathen nations or their leaders.

Even backslidden Israel scoffed at the voices crying in the wilderness. So, why did God bring these warn­ings at all? Who would believe such reports? And to whom is God speaking?

The Lord is always speaking to his faithful remnant.

Throughout history, God has always sent prophets with a warning to wake up his sleeping bride. He reveals the lateness of the hour in such warnings in order to wake up a slumbering ministry and church.

While God speaks through men with national pulpits, many times the Lord has to find humble, unknown, hidden watchmen to deliver his warn­ings. He’s picked preachers who have no personal agenda, men who are shut up with God in prayer. These ministers are despised and ridiculed as ignorant and unlearned. Yet they are unafraid of reproach. Indeed, they are the “weak” sent by God to con­found the wise.

And only those listeners who aren’t in love with the world will hear the prophetic warnings these prophets bring. Only those who yearn for the coming of the Lord will have this message ring true in their hearts.

Here is why God warns his faithful ones: it is so that when sudden disaster strikes, they are not swept away with fear. When that dreadful event comes, God’s people must know that what has happened is not an accident or a random act of ruthless nations. They are to have the peace of Christ in their hearts, knowing that our God is still master of the universe.

In this way, the Lord’s people will have been warned. And they won’t panic when other men’s hearts fail them for fear at all the frightful things they see coming on the earth.

by David Wilkerson —Excerpts from 02/05/07 World Challenge Pulpit Series

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